Jan 26

Events for the week of January 29-February 2, 2018

Thursday February 1

  • Start of Semester 2 – Half year Complimentary  classes change today  as well as the grade 6 Complimentary  Wheel.
  • 7 Steps Society are in to speak with the grade 8 students during class time.

Friday February 2nd

  • Distribution of Report Cards
  • 2018-2019 Complimentary course requests sheets being sent home today.

Special notes:

  • Thank you to everyone that came out to the Winter Band Concert last Tuesday. Thank you to all the parents volunteers for their help with ticket sales and moving the large equipment back and forth from the school and church. It was a wonderful evening.
  • Students will be receiving their Complimentary Course Request 2018-2019 forms along with their report cards. This is much earlier than past years but we do need to get this information entered before the middle of February. We understand that students have just begun their second semester courses and making a decision may be difficult. The CBE is switching to a new Student Information System thus requiring us to enter this data much earlier this year.
  • Last week we mentioned that we are looking for donations of Lego. Unfortunately we did not receive any donations. We are still in need of any Lego donation to be sent to the Learning Commons for our lego wall. Thank you.




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