Mar 12

Events for the week of March 12 – 16, 2018

Monday March 12th

  • Grade 6 Students to the Zoo – 6-06 & 6-04

 Tuesday March 13th

  • Grade 6 Students to the Zoo – 6-03 & 6-07
  • Grade 9 Concrete Theatre Presentation – in School

Wednesday March 14th

  • Grade 6 Students to the Zoo – 6-01

Friday March 16th

  • Students Dismissed at 11:52
  • Spring Production Set up in Afternoon.

 Special note:

  • We have received a few inquiries regarding our early dismissals on Friday this month. This year is a bit of an anomaly with our four Fridays in March. We have to balance the number of hours of instruction that students  receive and  hours that teachers teach. When teachers are asked to give up their evenings with their families for Open Houses and Conferences we are required to take that into consideration. We also work with a variety of Unions that have agreements on the number of hours that staff can be asked to work. We have tried to coordinate any “time off on Fridays” to coincide with Edgemont with Friday afternoons. This Friday is a PD day where 29 staff members will be receiving their First Aid Training for the safety of all students. Next Friday is set aside for setting up for our Spring Production and the fourth Friday is a non-student day set by CBE. We will look at this with next year’s calendar and try to avoid the 4 Fridays in a row.
  • Singing in the Rain – Spring Production tickets are available for March 19 and 20 evening performances.


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