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Tom Baines Digital Citizenship Documents

In the unlikely event that a student does not abide by the guidelines set out in the AUP letter they will be held accountable first by their teacher and second by administration in accordance with guidelines 1062 and 6001. Consequences could result in anything ranging from suspension of use to suspension of attendance from school. 

From time to time our school shares information and communicate with parents by highlighting the school, student and student work or activities in a variety of public forums including our community blog for non-profit educational purposes. The last two pages of the link are the parent permission slip forms. Once signed they are filed in the front office and referred to for the entire school year.

“Digital citizenship isn’t just about recognizing and dealing with online hazards. It’s about building safe spaces and communities, understanding how to manage personal information, and about being internet savvy – using your online presence to grow and shape your world in a safe, creative way, and inspiring others to do the same.”

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