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I’d like start a contest section for Mathematics.  Instead of writing a challenge question/word problem on the LC’s Whiteboard I will be putting it here.

I’ll have a question for each of our grades.  Students will have the opportunity to work on the question and submit their answers to Mr. Paddock electronically before the end of the Thursday.  On Friday Morning a winner will be randomly chosen from all correct entries for the question and a small prize will be given to the student.

Hello Tom Baines Boas.  Im’ starting off with a VERY easy question for everyone.  This is to test if it works!  Answer the question below by sending me a quick email.  Title the email: Tom Baines LC Online Math Contest!  send the email to

Only emails with the correct title and sent to the correct location will be accepted.

Winners will be chosen for a random draw and will get a small prize.  Good luck everyone!

December 5th–>December 9th Question #1:  

At the waterpark, Bonnie and Wendy decided to race each other down a waterslide. Wendy won by 0.25 seconds. If Bonnie’s time was exactly 7.80 seconds, how long did it take for Wendy to go down the slide?


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